George and Stulf wish you a wonderful Christmas!


George and Stulf wish you a Merry Christmas!!
Remember, they are available at your Kindle Store, if you are curious about them, and their plans.
Their first book fits children age 6-10, but also adults with a living, Inner Child.
And by the way – the second book is almost finished! See you around!
The book is waiting for you here.


How am I supposed to get things done?!

Okay, so I am supposed to try to rest for a longer period.
All the thoughts.. and all the work that I have to do…
Suddenly, I am translating a lot of texts for the author I have had contact with, and this takes some of my hours away every evening. Maybe just as good, it is easier to have something very concrete to do, than to sit and try to do things, with sometimes a bad self-confidence and self-worth, and a feeling that nothing ever gets done! But it`s important to remember that it gets done, actually, only in microscopic steps.
My book two is almost finished. And although I want to change some of the illustrations in book one, and that this is a big step to take, and at the same time start with the same new type of illustrations in book two as the “new” book one, I am close to “done”.

Again, my questions arise:
1) Who does the book appeal to? I have an age group, but still, should this be changed, should I change the way of writing book one so that it gets to be more like book two? (reading through this makes me shiver: I am supposed to write in the same “tone” through all the books, so I need to read both text 1 and 2 together and compare them as soon as possible).
2) What kind of pictures to I want, as soon as I understand who the book appeals to?
3) Which of the pictures do I want to change?
4) How will the new style on my books be?
5) For all the follow ups on this book and the second one: How will I present the package to the world?

Another challenge is that my proofreader on Fiverr is not active at the moment, or she has deleted her account – have no idea. I need to switch fields. But who?

Maybe I do have a lot to do after all…

A lot is happening behind the Scene.

A lot of thoughts, a lot of obstacles – that I put out for myself, apparently to enjoy the suffering, or something like that.

A lot of thoughts – yes. I am currently writing on the second book in the series. This is a little book, since it is a children`s book, and to be honest, it could be finished eons ago if I just sat down and wrote it.

But something happened. Remember the wise lady, the author which gave me an advice? Well, we talked about my book, and she really enjoyed it.
And then she asked me:
“Which planet does Stulf come from?”
And I answered:
“I don`t know, I haven`t asked him yet.”

And there it was. It was obvious for me that the next step in the process would be to sit down, and ask.
So I did. And my, I wrote page after page after page… it just dropped down in my head sort of, before I got the opportunity to mean something about it. That`s how creativity works for me. And so I let it be like that, and I got a lot of really interesting information about everything. Right now, after finishing the history of the planet itself, I asked them about society`s rules, how they handle visitors and etc. It`s really interesting and I am enjoying every minute of it!

It is all put to a pause, though, cause I am currently writing a Christmas calendar to a dear friend of mine who lost her son, in suicide, for a year ago in two days. She needs the texts, and I have made the first seven, from the day of his death and almost out December. I miss the writing of Stulf`s world but this is top priority right now. 30 small poems and verses which I hope will help her through a hard Christmas.

Something else which I also enjoy, is to read other bloggers out there. It will come! It will come. Soon.

Until next time – I wish you days with lots of creativity – and guts to get it out.

26 ideas from the future


At TED2014, we asked speakers and attendees to riff off the conference’s theme (“The Next Chapter”) and tell us what might radically change society, life, technology and so on in the next 30 years. From funny and wry to deeply insightful, the answers will surprise you.

“One of the things about learning how to read — we have been doing a lot of consuming of information through our eyes and so on — that may be a very inefficient channel. So my prediction is that we’re going to ingest information. You’re going to swallow a pill and know English. You’re going to swallow a pill and know Shakespeare. The way to do it is through the bloodstream; once it’s in your bloodstream, it basically goes through and gets into the brain and when it knows it’s in the brain it deposits the information in the right places. I’ve been hanging around…

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“Let them know about the vulnerabilities of your heart!”

That is what a very wise author said to me today. I was so lucky to stand in her office – with hundreds of books, ideas, and histories from her life, sewn together in a great mixture of colors.”You have to let them know about your deepest feelings, the vulnerabilities of your heart!”

So I`ll do that, cause she is, as I said, a very wise lady.

What is the purpose behind my book? It is in fact very easy, but also very difficult to grasp. I am this kind of person who has ideas. Lots of ideas. Pictures, constantly streaming, with new concepts, projects, sentences, colour-mixes, melodies, videos, sequences… feelings. Poems, systems, technology (!!!), and loads of stories. Characters just pops up, right there in my imagination. It`s like they`re alive, looking at me, smiling, always with this wise smile, and I know that I need to write about them. This is something I seldom tell people, cause I am afraid to be misunderstood.

How can I explain what I see? Constantly? Even though I function as a completely normal person, I can sit down, and let myself be drawn into new, or old ideas which I have created from before. I can not see anything at all, or I can have this big moments of inspirations, or I can have it all the time. The last one is the most tiresome, but the most exiting. This is why I am so very tired much of the time: I want to explore, and I choose this way of thinking. Practical duties in my every day life has, however, helped me to come down and function in the day-to-day life more efficiently: I find myself turned “off”.

I was 15 years old, the first time I started with this form of creativity. Since that, it has been a big part of me, a part of my personality. I struggle to find myself without it – or would I live without it?

“I can see that”, I told her. “But I still don`t understand. You have, at least, something to teach others, you have a system, you have something with real contents. I just have fantasy – and what is that?”
She looked at me, as I waved my hand in the air, like I was telling that my fantasy meant nothing, and her words hit my chest as she continued. “Oh, but you see, you have to nourish your quality, very few have, what you have.” She pointed up to her patents. “This, was created in what I call the “Indigo zone”, everything I have created,” she turned around in the room – “started in the Indigo zone. Your imagination, is the most powerful thing that you have!”
I looked at her, and my chest was pounding.
“I`ve written a book about a boy who one day suddenly gets an alien boy in his room – who wants to taste chocolate?”
“Wonderful! You have to continue using what you see, in a context, in stories. In this way, you can create, and you can help people – first of all if you tell them about the vulnerabilities of your heart!”

And therefore, I want you to know about my vulnerabilities:

1) I am afraid that I`m crazy.
2) I am afraid that I am too weird.
3) I am afraid that no one will like my story.
4) I am afraid that everyone will hate my story.
5) I am afraid of negative reviews.
6) I feel that my story doesn`t matter.
7) I feel that my morale, feelings about right and wrong, my creativity and my wish to share that, doesn`t matter.

So, how did that feel, you may be wondering?

It felt wonderful.

The wonders of Fiverr!

One of the totally awesome experiences I`ve had with making an ebook all by myself, is the wonderful services from Fiverr!

If you don`t already know, Fiverr is a wonderful site where you can get creative services for as little as 5 dollars, and those services are good! I am talking about illustrations for your book, book-covers, layout, photography, graphic illustration, PR, CEO, voiceover… well, almost everything you can imagine! You can also get help with formatting your ebook to the different places out there, and you can get proofreading.

I`ve used Fiverr to a lot. First, I used it to make illustrations of my figures, George and Stulf. Both to use in the book, and also presentations, to use in my blog and other things. I`ve used some time to get to know the illustrator I`ve chosen, and as we got to know each other more, at least she got to know me from my feedbacks, and I got to know her from her corrections in her illustrations – it felt better and better. I`ve also used it to proofread my text, I found a person that I liked, and I paid for proofreading. Twice. After I looked through the text and it was almost finished, I sent it in again. Really not many problems with such a price!
I`ve also got my book cover made there, both to use in Kindle, and in Smashwords. I have also been trying out different gigs, such as CEO optimization, which I still have NO IDEA about what is, and I`ve also tried proofreading on my blog posts.

In short terms, it is such a wonderful place – and I recommend EVERYBODY to take a look! It is indeed worth it!