Two children and a foster-child.

Well, yes, not everything is easy to do with three children, one of them a new foster-son 11 months old. My energy is consumed by everything that happens daily, and on the evenings, well, it`s hard to find the motivation.

But George and Stulf are in there, still. They are in my thoughts. I know now that I am not happy with how the book looks, I want to change the pictures. So the next step will be to order new pictures, easy ones, of objects only – this leaves much more to the imagination. Maybe the pictures that I do have, can be sold as extra if someone is interested? Not that the book is actually a big one, but for my own sake I think it is a great idea! 🙂

I also have to admit that I have been having these cold feet now and then. It is another part of me, wondering what this is all good for, this ebook-dream with a lot of illusions. Really, isn`t humanity`s best hope to go inside ourselves, and not to flee to other realities all the time – ebooks being one part of it? I don`t have knowledge to learn to other people. I only have my fantasy. What is fantasy good for? Well, it is my source to inspiration, and inspiration is a step into being a better and more insightful human being. Maybe insight has nothing to do with all the knowledge in the world, only the deepest knowledge that is. And insight has another way to enter the human beings: from the inspiration, that is the other way to enter the deep knowledge of the universe. The knowledge we all can enter – if from the right source.



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