Which tone?

It has happened a lot backstage. But really, which tone am I to give the book?

You see: as I wrote earlier, my first book was written in a much more “childish” tone. I really loved it for that. The innocence, the “here and now” touch of it, was something that I enjoyed very much!

But then what? Well, then some time went by, and I started to write the second book.

The second book needed a plot, and I made one. But the plot was really for an older audience than the first one.

I have tried to think of other plots as well, but how to do that, and making it at least a little exciting?

So I have two different plots now, in a way. The first one is innocent, lovely in its nature, here and now – feeling, like I want it to be. The other one is more exciting, something happens, we get to know the figures a little bit more – but I feel that the innocence is replaced with something else.

What to do?

I have an idea… stay tuned, to find out…

By the way: 192 people have downloaded my book! That is awesome-cool! Really! 😀


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