How it is to write a second book and then admit that I need to rewrite the first.

Right now, things feel like new beginnings, so I didn`t react with my worst sides, but I am anyway very happy that I didn`t think so much while I wrote it. There`s something about letting the creativity come as it is, too. This results in my making of book number one once more, a version 2. The reason is that while I was writing book 2, the characters and the story felt more solid and real, and it was like I hit something more than before, even the age-group. So therefore i am rewriting it to an older group this time, 9+.

The feeling though, of starting all over again, making the plot once more because the happenings itself in the story gives a hint or two about the characters age, is quite confusing. Now I decided to change the games they are playing to more “big” games, such as skateboard, bicycle, trading cards, fotball…

Which means that I need to decide on new pictures – all over again.

And my illustrator on Fiverr has expanded her deadline to 20 days from 14 days – which gives this a good push out into the future. I do understand the illustrator`s need for more time though, and it is probably for the best that I wait a bit – a lot is happening in my life right now.

The world, work, and processes of an author is indeed strange.

And the most important question: What do I do with the version that I have now?


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