A new round of concessions to make.

Think about that. A year is almost over. A lot has happened:
1) I got the idea to write a little children`s book, and I did, I finished it and published it on my grandfather`s birthday 17.07.14
(and 16.07.14 for US time zones).
2) I started this blog, and my other personal blog.
3) I started my Project 365+ on the other blog which is daily descriptions where I try to capture the day in a “wordphoto” so that I get the essence of it. Both in my main language and in English.
4) I found out that poets can make it, too, so I started a blog on Tumblr with my poetry.  (http://vicrosea.tumblr.com)
5) I`ve felt the loss for this blog, my started project, the milestone that I have been trying to do in so many years.
6) I`m almost finished with book number two of George and Stulf
7) I`ve got a lot of new information about my George and Stulf-world.
8) I`ve done so many things, started to translate a project for another author, finished that project YESTERDAY! (wohooo!!!!), written poems and texts and…

Yes. Really – a lot has happened. And I know, out of the things that happened – that more is going to happen next year, too.

But what I want is to really focus on this blog as well. I have a lot to write about, posts which aren`t published yet, and so on.

What I need to do next:

1) Finish book two.
2) Find a proofreader I`m not afraid of.
3) Order changes on the drawings on book one.
4) Order drawings for book two. (My God, what to choose, I have NO idea!!)
5) Finish and publish book two.
6) Start book three.

I have so many ideas, worlds, things and thangs ( a little wordplay from my language, there) that I really need to just write, write, and write. Where is the millionaires who want to pay me for writing my stories? The bargain: they get to read my stories first. I think that is a big prize paid from my side of the fence.

Regards from one who loves her own stories so much.

And I wish you all a Happy New Year, too!


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