How am I supposed to get things done?!

Okay, so I am supposed to try to rest for a longer period.
All the thoughts.. and all the work that I have to do…
Suddenly, I am translating a lot of texts for the author I have had contact with, and this takes some of my hours away every evening. Maybe just as good, it is easier to have something very concrete to do, than to sit and try to do things, with sometimes a bad self-confidence and self-worth, and a feeling that nothing ever gets done! But it`s important to remember that it gets done, actually, only in microscopic steps.
My book two is almost finished. And although I want to change some of the illustrations in book one, and that this is a big step to take, and at the same time start with the same new type of illustrations in book two as the “new” book one, I am close to “done”.

Again, my questions arise:
1) Who does the book appeal to? I have an age group, but still, should this be changed, should I change the way of writing book one so that it gets to be more like book two? (reading through this makes me shiver: I am supposed to write in the same “tone” through all the books, so I need to read both text 1 and 2 together and compare them as soon as possible).
2) What kind of pictures to I want, as soon as I understand who the book appeals to?
3) Which of the pictures do I want to change?
4) How will the new style on my books be?
5) For all the follow ups on this book and the second one: How will I present the package to the world?

Another challenge is that my proofreader on Fiverr is not active at the moment, or she has deleted her account – have no idea. I need to switch fields. But who?

Maybe I do have a lot to do after all…


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