A lot is happening behind the Scene.

A lot of thoughts, a lot of obstacles – that I put out for myself, apparently to enjoy the suffering, or something like that.

A lot of thoughts – yes. I am currently writing on the second book in the series. This is a little book, since it is a children`s book, and to be honest, it could be finished eons ago if I just sat down and wrote it.

But something happened. Remember the wise lady, the author which gave me an advice? Well, we talked about my book, and she really enjoyed it.
And then she asked me:
“Which planet does Stulf come from?”
And I answered:
“I don`t know, I haven`t asked him yet.”

And there it was. It was obvious for me that the next step in the process would be to sit down, and ask.
So I did. And my, I wrote page after page after page… it just dropped down in my head sort of, before I got the opportunity to mean something about it. That`s how creativity works for me. And so I let it be like that, and I got a lot of really interesting information about everything. Right now, after finishing the history of the planet itself, I asked them about society`s rules, how they handle visitors and etc. It`s really interesting and I am enjoying every minute of it!

It is all put to a pause, though, cause I am currently writing a Christmas calendar to a dear friend of mine who lost her son, in suicide, for a year ago in two days. She needs the texts, and I have made the first seven, from the day of his death and almost out December. I miss the writing of Stulf`s world but this is top priority right now. 30 small poems and verses which I hope will help her through a hard Christmas.

Something else which I also enjoy, is to read other bloggers out there. It will come! It will come. Soon.

Until next time – I wish you days with lots of creativity – and guts to get it out.


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