The wonders of Fiverr!

One of the totally awesome experiences I`ve had with making an ebook all by myself, is the wonderful services from Fiverr!

If you don`t already know, Fiverr is a wonderful site where you can get creative services for as little as 5 dollars, and those services are good! I am talking about illustrations for your book, book-covers, layout, photography, graphic illustration, PR, CEO, voiceover… well, almost everything you can imagine! You can also get help with formatting your ebook to the different places out there, and you can get proofreading.

I`ve used Fiverr to a lot. First, I used it to make illustrations of my figures, George and Stulf. Both to use in the book, and also presentations, to use in my blog and other things. I`ve used some time to get to know the illustrator I`ve chosen, and as we got to know each other more, at least she got to know me from my feedbacks, and I got to know her from her corrections in her illustrations – it felt better and better. I`ve also used it to proofread my text, I found a person that I liked, and I paid for proofreading. Twice. After I looked through the text and it was almost finished, I sent it in again. Really not many problems with such a price!
I`ve also got my book cover made there, both to use in Kindle, and in Smashwords. I have also been trying out different gigs, such as CEO optimization, which I still have NO IDEA about what is, and I`ve also tried proofreading on my blog posts.

In short terms, it is such a wonderful place – and I recommend EVERYBODY to take a look! It is indeed worth it!


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