Do I want to live of my dream?

The last days have made me think. About living of one`s dream. About the cost.
I read a part of a Norwegian article about a girl who loved to go out in the wild, and she was only 15 years old when she found out that she wanted to live from it as well. She did a lot, wrote a blog, participated in interviews, went on trips, wrote a book about it, and all seemed to go fabulous. Except from one thing – she collapsed. Following the dream had a lot of other demands as well, all that extra work, and the obsession about it, tore her completely out.

I`m not saying that I don`t want to follow my dreams. Of course I want to do that! But, at what prize? What is the purpose of following my dreams, if the prize to pay is less contact with my children, more stress, less time to be me? To be honest, I can`t see it`s worth it.

I want to be me all the way through. I want to live in joy, explore my potential, my different aspects. But after my own schedule. After my own choices. Money may be important, but not if the cost is the good and close contact with my family, friends, and other lovely people as well.

So yes. I will continue this blog. And I will update it whenever I feel for it.

Live well, love completely.


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