Are my story a bad one? To be honest, I have no idea.

Quite a confusing phase. New ideas and stories tend to pop up every time I`m planning to write on my story. Why? I could come up with some thoughts of why:

1) Disappointment in relation to what I believed would happen when I published my first book, and what really happened.
2) Tiresome. I am tired of the characters and the story. But mostly this happens when I`m NOT writing on it, only thinking of writing it.

This should lead to a conclusion. I am currently not writing on my story. The reasons are many and interesting ones, but I just want to keep that fact in mind. Maybe it would be a relief itself, just to continue with the writing?

And what about the disappointment? Well, at least, I have to admit that I`ve never come so far before. Never completed a book, all by myself, with the illustrations ordered and stuff, but still. With proofreader because of the fact that English isn`t my main language. But Murakami doesn`t have English as is mail language, too. I find comfort and strength in that, along with my own feeling that I want to do that.

Once again I am left with my thoughts. Are my story a bad one?

To be honest, I have no idea.


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