So, what happens when I try to interview my own fantasy figure? First one out: Gina!

While writing my second book in the “George and Stulf” series, I realized something quite extraordinary about George: He has a twin sister!

Without revaling anything from the book, here you have a little awesome interview!


Interview with Gina, by Victoria Rosea, 15th of august 2014.

Victoria: So Gina, thank you for coming on such short notice!

Gina: No problem, you know I`m always here, since you are the one who created me!

V: I know, but I want to show some respect to our readers. I want it to sound a bit normal.

G: Yes, but you see, in some years everyone will have a chat now and then with their own fantasy-figures, and you will notice that it is quite normal.

V: Really? When?

G: I can`t tell, since I`m your fantasy figure. But just wait, and you`ll see.

V: *scratching head* okay… Now I got kinda confused.

G: *looking at her shoes*

V: Sooo… what now?

G: You wanted to ask me some questions?

V: Yeah, but now it all sounds so… surreal… 

G: Well, it is, isn`t it? but being surreal is your job! We need you to be surreal!

V: Really?

G: Yeah, really!

V: Okay… so… 5 quick questions?

G: Sure!

V: 1) Where do you live?

G: In a house

V: Okay… 2) What are your favorite animal? 

G: Unicorns!

V: 3) Your favorite colour?

G: Purplink!

V: ?

G: Purplink!

V: That is not a color.

G: It is the mixing of purple and pink together.

V: aaah… does that even exist?

G: Do I even exist?

V: Good point… 4) What do you like to do at your sparetime?

G: Hanging out with my friends… shopping… looking for Unicorns!

V: *scratches head again* Okay, question number 5) What do you think about your brother George?

G: He is nice, except when he bothers me.

V: Does he bother you??? *writes down in journal*

G: You know, like brothers are supposed to do. He is also very boring.

V: Are brothers supposed to bother sisters?

G: Yes! And we are supposed to do the same!

V: You bother eachother?! But…what does your parents say to this!

G: Nothing.

V: Nothing?! *writes down in journal again*
Need to talk to them apparently. Why weren`t I noticed about this??

G: About what? The teasing? Well hello, you may be the one who created us, but we aren`t supposed to report to you what we do? Now that is just boring!

V: *scratches head again*


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