The Greatest Photosession there is, inner childs, and courage!

To be honest, this is my first one. Photosession that is. Who in he Earth came up with that idea? Me, of course. I want to have FUN as well! I want to do what the published authors in the publishing companies get to do!

I was a bit afraid, I have to admit that. And when the day arrived, I was like “What the h*** am I doing? I can`t be on pictures like that! It doesn`t look well at ALL!” Wow, it is such a wonder how the mind can go on its own.

What I learned, was that, it really has to do with the person behind the camera. Not the one in front. Of course, I am important too, cause I am the one showing on the picture, but the safety that made me, the REAL me, come out to look at the world… that is only captured when a) a person is really really sure about him/herself, or b) that person feels great safety and trust to the one taking the pictures.

Cause taking a picture is not just like a “click!” and finished. It is much more than that. Is is exposure. It is a type of “un-dressed” feeling. With clothes on. It was very personal. And I loved it!

I loved how the hidden child in me came out after a while, looking out, as if it finally got safe, close to the photographer. Wow. And I still sit with that feeling, how I usually hide away my inner child, just to be accepted by everyone.

I didn`t even think it really existed something like an “inner child” before, but now I know what they are talking about. It is the inner playfulness, the voice that wants you to play in the sand again (underneath the thought of getting dirty, have to wash, etc). The feeling of wanting to jump in the ocean and just swim, to lie on the grass just doing nothing, to use COLORS again, to DRAW again (under the thought of: my drawings are ugly), just to have FUN again!

Yes, this is indeed one of my greatest experiences to this point. Was it worth the money? Oh my, I would have paid again, just to experience this once again!

And who is this awesome photographer? Bibbie Friman, is her name.

I just can`t wait for the pictures!!!


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