Climbing up the mountain, and then down again.

So, how is it now? How is my life right now, with a book released and all that?

I promised to be honest, didn`t I? It is recommended to stay positive and optimistic if you are going to promote yourself, but I also want to be honest.

So the time after the release has been a hard one actually. Part because of family, kids and vacations and my release in the middle of all that. Part because I didn`t take time to have some breaks in between, I just went on and on and on, afraid to stop it all and never reach the target. Part because I was so tired all of a sudden, still with much to do in all the other aspects of my life.

And then it is the plans further on. Printing the book in English. Translating it into my own language Norwegian. Printing it there. Selling it. How to be seen? What to do?

At least, I know that the next round will be easier, at least when I release book two of the series. I`m at a good start on it, and already I begin to long for new illustrations of the figures… and a new one, too…. when I think of all that, I get very excited!! This is what I`m doing it for! And I really want to reach out to children, and adults, all over the world!

But I also think a lot, like I`m sure other authors do: How do I reach out?


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