My experiences after the release of the first book – part 1: writing my first book.

Finally, I feel it is time for sharing my experience about the writing, editing and releasing of my first book ever. This is the first post of a series of three: here I will write about the writing of the book.

The idea of the book came one day when I was writing on another story – I was stuck, and it didn`t feel like fun to write on it. Something was not right, the feeling of the story, or maybe the voice of it?

Actually, it came when I was introduced to the online writing course by a friend of mine, who also has a wish of becoming an author some day. I jumped right into it, an was amazed: I loved it. I still haven`t finished it, to be honest – it was way too fun to write the book itself. But the part that I finished was a big help. It costs a little to take the course, but you have forever access anyway, and I think it is worth the prize.

Anyway, I started the course, and I wanted to try out the excercises about things like plot and pitch, so therefore I used the story of George and Stulf to discover how the course worked. My excperience was that it worked very well, indeed!

Since this is a short book, I didn`t use so much time on it, even though I really worked on it, edited, wrote again, and most important of all: I made a plot, a description about how the story goes, what happens, etc. To get contrasts in the story is also important. I had excitement-curves, and I had to be able to make a pitch: a short description of the story. Just to catch the essence of it.

It didn`t at all feel awesome to write all the time – but the result felt good. When writing becomes a “I have to do”, I think we, or at least I, start to try to avoid it, just because I feel that I “have to” because I really want to publsh my book.

But all in all, my book was a pleasure to write!


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