I am still an almost published author.

Even though the plan – or the goal – was to launch the book 31.07.14, I got more and more eager when I first realized that it could be done before that.
Since then, I have been waiting for several steps, leading to the last one, the waiting of a picture, which needs to be edited because I gave the illustrator wrong information.
Of  course, nothing wrong from the illustrators side, I should have been more precise. So now I expect the last picture in four days. The cover is expected tomorrow, and when I get the last picture, I will have to send it in to another formatting, which could take some days, too. It could have been awesome to launch my book on my grandfathers birthday, which is 17.07. The series main person, George, is named after him. But as I see that this may not be possible, I will just have to be at peace with the fact that it will happen when it happens.

So finally I just sit down to continue with the second book. And suddenly – like every time I start to write – the pieces start to fit together, creating a beautiful puzzle ❤


2 thoughts on “I am still an almost published author.

  1. Thank you! ^^
    Yes, I am! It just feels right to do it. I will print the book too, and see where the lead follows me there, if I am going to publish from some publishers – time will show 🙂 I am open to everything, just following the guts feeling 🙂

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