An interview with myself!

It is only days until I can launch my first ebook for the first time.

The art of patience is a big one that I am working with right now. Trying to prepare for “the moment”, while I at the same time try to just accept the waiting – while I try to write on the second book of the series.
Cause my first book, is the first in a series of five – I think it will be five. And the second one is “in good shape”, I have the story in the head, and it is almost writing itself – when I actually write.

At least I try to do something else, while I am waiting. I feel it a bit like going pregnant and waiting for the birth. This is not at all going to be as painful, of course, but the way I wait reminds me of when I was pregnant.

And the feeling that, this is the last days I am not published at all. I understand the fact that I can remove the book from the planet`s surface if I really regret this – but even if I do that, I will never be an unpublished author again. What to expect? Just this: I`m a big romantic, I love halfway clichés. But the point about this post was to actually talk about my interview with myself!

So why would I do that? An interview with myself?

This is one of the features  the ebook retailer Smashwords offer to all members of the site. The idea is to give the readers more information about yourself – if they loved your book, or is just trying to decide if they want to by your book(s). I think this idea is really cool, and I`ve just published my first one on my author profile at Smashwords. If you want, you can read it here.

We are recommended to update the interview periodically – especially when we are publishing a new ebook. So yes – of course I want to do that!

I cannot praise Smashwords and Mark Coker enough – this is an awesome site that I just love. I will write about the site in other blog posts as well.

But for now I will start thinking about the fact that I just recently did my very first official interview – and that it was with myself.





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