Fears about being an author.

Funny. I dreamed a really weird dream last night, and I first remembered it now, as I sat down by the computer and logged on to my blog. I dreamed that I published my unfinished blog post, cause I started to write one, right before bed yesterday. I remember the odd feeling, and the thought that came up: “Oh well, that can be dealt with later.” And I actually believed it to be true, cause I was wondered by the fact that it didn`t happen, right now.

I am also quite wondered by the fact that I soon will be a real author. In Norway ebooks aren`t that popular yet, we seem to feel that a printed book is the only right book, but I see the trends shift. I estimate it to be big in a 5 to 10 years. Let`s see if I was right! ^^ But anyway, I feel like a real author. Only waiting for some minor details to fall into place:
1) I have ordered a minor change on the cover – a subtitle.
2) I am waiting for the last proofreading. Estimated ready tonight.
3) I am waiting for the last picture in the book to be edited – I gave the illustrator wrong information.
4) I have to put the last picture, and the corrected text if it is something, in the text and send it to formatting.

I think that`s it!

I am of course scared. It feels like my whole self worth is in this thing. Maybe my self worth will spread, as soon as I give out more books? But right now, I have this one book, which I really love myself. But will the world love it? What about if my closest friends doesn`t buy it? Oh well, the book will be translated to Norwegian, and then printed, so they will have their chances. It is just so… touchy. Very touchy. I estimate it all to be finished under one week. One week!!!

At the same time I feel really fulfilled. It feels so right to do it. It feels awesome, and I just love it.


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