The book is almost finished!

Okey, so I am now almost at the end of Book One in the “George and Stulf”-series. It has been a long trip, but it has gone surprisingly well. It must be because I really love to do this stuff!

So I now have my Facebook page, Twitter account, a Linkedin account, Instagram… and this, my blog, my own website. I wish to transform this into a real WordPress site one day soon!

I have worked with this book in… some months? It must be half a year from the idea came out… or maybe more? It is a childrens book, and it doesn`t have that many pages. But, I have really worked anyway with making it real, lovable, after my heart, really enjoying doing all the work! Of course it is not always easy, and I want to  be honest about that when I write about my writing. But I really love to do it, to create new rooms, places, figures… just to use my imagination, create something. And this time, I have really felt it, as I have ordered illustrations, been really picky about the motives, I have sent the illustrator lots of pictures, sketches, of things that I wanted, descriptions… and I have asked for modification after modification. Poor her? You bet. But she is awesome, I love her work, and I want to continue to cooperate with her in the future! She is really, really good!

I am that kind of person. Really picky about the children`s books that I read to my children as well. That doesn`t mean that I see myself as perfect, I will never be that. But it is a far way between that, and to feel that the book in your hands is really made just because the publishing company (at least some of those in my home country Norway) wants to earn money. All is made in a hurry, more, and more and even more after that. It is, though, a lot of books that I DO love, and those I would really like to praise up  in the skies here on my website! WUHUUU! I am really looking forward to  this! Doing all those things that I love!!

2014-06-29 23.38.09

I am that kind: an “author with a twist”! Here with my lovely planets, which I have bought, just so that I can have them hanging down from my office roof.


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